Le pubblicazioni tecniche della statunitense Fire Protection Research Foundation

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E’ disponibile sul sito dell’associazione nazionale dei vigili del fuoco statunitense, l’elenco delle pubblicazioni tecniche realizzate dalla Fire Protection Research Foundation.

Disponibili gratuitamente online, sono suddivise nelle seguenti categorie:
Detection and signaling
Hazardous materials
Electrical safety
Fire fighter protective clothing and equipment
Fire risk assessment
Storage of commodities
Structural fire protection
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New reports

Research Needs in Support of Hydrogen Safety Standards (PDF, 151 KB) (2008)

This report presents the results of the Hydrogen Research Advisory Council’s work during 2007-2008. The purpose of the council is to: (i) identify and evaluate research needed to support the development of hydrogen safety requirements in the NFPA codes; and (ii) make recommendations on research projects that need to be completed to support these code changes.
Safety and Security in Roadway Tunnels – Final Report (PDF, 3 MB) (2008)

The report presents the results of a workshop on Research Needs for Safety and Security in Roadway Tunnels, sponsored by the Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program.
Explosion Venting Data and Modeling Literature Review (PDF, 3 MB) (2008)

This report documents a project with two objectives: (1) review the international literature on dust explosion venting correlations and models including an indication of the scientific basis used for validation; and (2) review and compile literature on the venting of enclosures with internal obstructions to investigate if a function is needed to correlate the internal obstacle density to the venting requirements specified in NFPA 68.
Respiratory Exposure Study for Fire Fighters and Other Emergency Responders – segment 1 (PDF, 2 MB) segment 2 (PDF, 5 MB) segment 3 (PDF, 5 MB) segment 4 (PDF, 4 MB) (2007)
The intent of this document is to assist the fire service and other emergency responders with the development and clarification of best practice guidance for determining when to use, and when to discontinue use, of SCBA and other respiratory protective equipment when exposed to atmospheres that are possibly hazardous yet tenable. Specifically, this study summarizes the available literature on this topic and provides helpful information for use by emergency response personnel to develop and clarify best practice guidance for using respiratory protective equipment on the fire ground.

Clearance Distance for Gas Appliance Sidewall Venting final report (PDF, 1 MB) (2007)

This document is intended todevelop a scientific basis on which to base requirements for the minimum distances from sidewall vented gas appliance terminations to adjacent buildings and spaces to limit the concentration of products of combustion in those spaces.
Development of a Technical Basis for Carbon Monoxide Detector Siting (PDF, 235 KB) (2007)

The NFPA Technical Committee on Carbon Monoxide Detection identified a gap in technical information with respect to the generation and movement of CO in buildings upon which to base spacing requirements for CO detectors in these occupancies. This report presents a review of the international technical literature on death and injury incidence related to CO in both fire and non-fire contexts; previous research related to the dispersion of CO within buildings, the availability and applicability of models to predict dispersion, and spacing requirements in other codes and standards.
Fire Safety in Consumer Fireworks Storage and Retail Facilities – Hazard Assessment Literature Review (PDF, 1.1 MB) (2007)

This report documents a study commissioned by NFPA to assemble research data related to the hazards associated with retail sale of consumer fireworks and identify research needed to develop appropriate facility fire safety provisions.
Protection of Combustible Liquids Stored in Composite Intermediate Bulk Containers: Phase II Final Report (PDF, 3 MB) (2007)

This report documents fire tests of IBCs to investigate the relative performance of Listed and unListed units in a similar fire scenario and to explore the effects of the liquid lading in the containers on fire performance.


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